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We believe that prevention is the key to maintaining oral health, and so we encourage all patients to visit our Dental Therapist, Fiona Penn.

Fiona specialises in preventive dental care. Regular visits are beneficial to people of all ages; helping to minimise bad breath caused by gum disease, together with scaling teeth, removing plaque and tartar and giving you the best advice on how to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Take a look at our scale and polish page

Regular visits to a hygienist are key to achieving really successful preventative dental care. If you maintain a high level of oral health it has benefits not only for the life and longevity of your teeth, but also for your general health. There are proven links between gum disease and an increased risk of heart attack and strokes, so the impact of your oral health is not confined only to your mouth.

In addition to general health there are some obvious benefits:

  • Fresher breath
  • A more confident smile
  • A more comfortable mouth – and an end to bleeding gums

What you can expect from your visit:

  • Learn exactly how to brush your teeth
  • Learn various ways of cleaning between your teeth
  • Learn essential oral hygiene techniques which will give you lifelong improvement in your dental health.
  • The treatment and control of any gum disease. (from a scale and polish to root planning)

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