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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a safe and effective way of improving the colour of teeth.

Bleaching improves the appearance of your teeth without removing any of the natural tooth surface. Bleaching is a better and more conservative option than a crown or veneer if you want to lighten the colour of healthy teeth, as the placing of crowns and veneers involves changing the shape of the tooth, and hence the removal of natural tooth material.

There are two ways of bleaching teeth; one involves bleaching the outside of the tooth, which can take place at home or in the dentist’s surgery and the other the inside of a tooth that has been root filled. At this practice, we only offer home whitening systems.

Bleaching the outside of the teeth can take place at home or in the dentist’s surgery.

Home bleaching:
The dentist will give you a weak bleach jelly to use at home in a tray which fits closely round your teeth. The tray makes sure that the jelly does not burn your gums. You will need to put the tray in your mouth for a few hours on several occasions, as instructed by your dentist (probably over a period of weeks.)

Bleaching the inside of the teeth is done when the ‘nerve’ of a tooth has died (through damage or disease) and the tooth’s root has been filled. Bleach is put inside the tooth, under a temporary dressing. The bleaching agent remains in the tooth for about a week before being replaced or, if the correct shade has been achieved cleaned out so that a white filling can be placed.

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